Bronco Fans Bucking Over Strange Banners

ImageThis week the NFL was met with a minor advertising crisis. Apparently, they decided to hang some banners around the city of Denver to promote the league’s kickoff game between the Broncos and Ravens this Thursday. So there’s nothing new about gigantic banners of players hanging on the stadium, but they’re usually not players from the opposing team. Yes, the NFL did indeed think it was a good idea to hang banners of Raven’s players in Denver. The people of Denver seemed to react like typical sports fans, by honking at the stadium and drawing in Joe Flacco’s enlarged face.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the NFL decided to purchase these banners. Why did they think putting Broncos on the banners wouldn’t be good enough, for all the Rocky Mountain Raven fans? It’s understandable that the NFL wanted to promote their big game. They want to encourage ticket sales and get fans pumped up about the season. However, they could have accomplished this without the banners. I really don’t think giant Joe Flacco is persuading anyone in Denver to buy tickets or tune in to the game (which by the way, is not on NFL Network).

This was just a strange marketing move, and to make matters worse the Broncos have a bit of a sordid history with the Ravens. Last year, the Ravens eliminated the Broncos from the playoffs with a thrilling overtime victory at Sports Authority Field before going on the win the Super Bowl. That makes these banners an even bigger blow and a reminder of Denver’s heartbreaking 2012  season.    

I think we all agree that the banners are ridiculous, but what do you think the NFL’s rationale was?


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